“Benjamin Cloyd has been playing at our establishment for years. Each week he brings wonderful music and high energy to our patrons. With a terrific blend of music, we can satisfy each client that walks in since Benjamin’s set list includes such a wide variety of music. He is appropriate for any occasion and we highly recommend his services.”

  • Todd Ceman, Dublin’s Irish Pub

“Benjamin is the consummate entertainer. We bring him back again and again because he requires the customers to have fun… and they always do.  His style is to get people involved and that keeps them coming back to my bar!”

  • Brian Hamill, Peabody’s Ale House
“Benjamin Cloyd has that rare combination of being both down to earth and incredibly charismatic. I’ve had the privilege to both perform with him and watch him play. Every time he delivers a solid performance, which draws the audience making them feel like they are part of the show. He knows about 500 song and he always makes it look like he’s having the time of his life playing them. That’s the beauty of it, it’s not an act, he genuinely loves what he does. If you want a professional musician who can deliver the goods – Benjamin should be your first choice.”
  • Jason Moon, Multi-Award Winning Songwriter
“Had the pleasure of not only seeing Benjamin play but also play kit with him a number of times. An accomplished and gifted musician, Benjamin is right on and can play through a number of genres. Not only that but he’s a top bloke too!”
  • Steve Amoss, Welshman
“I dabbled in lights and live sound reinforcement a few years back in establishments in Southern WI. So it’s fun when you can take in a show on your terms… NOT WORKING! LOL. I LOVE catching a show when Benjamin is in the area. He truly is a diamond in the rough. As a musician, he can play the songs of many… As a person, he’s one of the most sociable and caring I know of. As both, Benjamin strives to bring your venue (Or party) some class and great times… AND HE DELIVERS! Catch a show, or book a show with Ben because you will not be disappointed. If the “Human Jukebox” can’t get your crowd going… you best start checking for pulses!”
  • Eric Ellcey, Music Enthusiast

“I have had the privilege to hear Benjamin sing and play in a number of different venues. He’s a real crowd pleaser, and me and my girl have always had a great time when he performed. A real five star entertainer!”

  • Jim Thomas, Pub Frequenter